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2020-01-19 09:11:29 中國石化新聞網

據塔斯社1月17日報道,殼牌執行副總裁兼俄羅斯地區主席克里默斯(Cederic Cremers)對記者表示,該公司打算擴大在俄羅斯的業務,重點關注西伯利亞西部的石油項目和液化天然氣項目。


鄒勤 摘譯自 塔斯社


Shell plans to expand oil and LNG business in Russia

Shell intends to expand its business in Russia, focusing on oil projects in Western Siberia and LNG projects, Cederic Cremers, Executive Vice President and Country Chair Russia at Shell, told reporters.

"Of course, we are expanding our oil business in Western Siberia, and our goal is to grow and further expand our presence here. As for gas, we are major players in the LNG market (liquefied natural gas - TASS). We believe that Russia can grow in this market and become a global leader. Our goal is to understand how to strengthen and improve our position on Sakhalin, everyone knows that there are technical difficulties there," he said.

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